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Ron Naples CMT

     Certified, Licensed, Insured


​COVID-19 HEALTH PRECAUTIONS AND SAFETY PROCEDURES:  In the past two weeks have you been in contact with anyone who has had the Coronavirus? Have you had a new cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, wide-spread muscles aches or pain, sore throat, loss of taste or smell? If you had any of these signs, please get tested. If you are in good health, you're welcome to book a massage appointment with me. My services are for men only. I comply with all laws and regulations from the California Department of Public Health. I use disinfectant and sterilizing products, to assure a safe and sanitary room for your massage. You MUST wear a face mask during your session (I wear one too). I use antimicrobial essential oils and run an air purifier for an extra protection. Massage sheets are washed in hot water with detergent and bleach. I provide hand sanitizer, hand towels, tissue, and bottle water after your service. Note: Please shower before your arrival. I cannot offer you a shower at this time, however, bathroom use okay. 



Massage Therapy for men on a massage table in a private room with oils, sheets, candles and music

Deep Tissue


 16 years experience 

 working in

 Spas, Gyms, &

 Chiropractic Clinics,

plus running a 

private practice

in the East Bay


               Prices, Location & Availability 

CONCERNING THE REGIONAL STAY AT HOME ORDER: According to the California Department of Public Health, Medical Massage is considered an essential healthcare service. There is no requirement that it be provided in a medical facility, only that it is done with a referral from a doctor. chiropractor, or physical therapist and that it is performed by a Certified Massage Therapist in a county/city that allows it (Contra Costa County is acceptable). Note: I am not offering spa-like massage services (for pampering and/or relaxation) at this time; only clinical. 

Prices: (cash only)

$60.....30 min. massage (unavailable during pandemic) 

$85.....60 min. massage 

$110...90 min. massage 

Location: Incall appointments are at my residence in East Richmond Heights. Easy access of I-80 with safe street parking. Directions will be sent with your confirmation.


Availability: Mon. - Sat. 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. (evening appointments unavailable during pandemic) 

Sundays available by special request!

Booking an Appointment: Let's Chat via Wix Ascend  or email: massagebyronn123@gmail.com or text 



Appointments and Cancellations: Same day appointments may not be available. I advise booking in advance

so you can get the day and time you want. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact me asap so I can accommodate someone else. 


           Thank you for visiting massagebyronn123.com

                       Stay safe, be well & take care!



Offer available for ALL clients now thru January

                                       Happy New Year!  

MyLastDance_Naples_KJacen 35 cover.jpg


“My Last Dance with Auntie Brie is a rollicking, well-written,

soaring story of discovering yourself, the pain of lost love,

the comfort of conviction, longing for possibility.

Ron Naples has written a captivating story of pride,

loss, bitterness, and redemption.


─Google Featured Snippet

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